Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birth of a Singularity. is an online activist community, they have a tame website and cover a spectrum of progressive issues; those receiving up dates have the opportunity to lend their support to the cause of their choice. The updates on world wide causes caught my attention some of the time, sometimes enough to sign the online petition. A movement began a few weeks ago on that website has altered space-time. It began with an email about blocking crony media, it happened to be a complex ignorance exploding against an evolving common sense.

Stephen is Canada's prime minister, Corey left the PM's right hand to start a "populist" news channel; the two of them had lunch with Rupert Murdoc to plan it. Corey connected with a billionare french canadian media mogul named Pierre, who owns Sun newspapers in Canada, the channel was going to be called Sun TV. Corey offered Pierre the most amazing deal, there would get a special permit from a government regulatory agency called the CRTC, forcing all cable providers to carry the channel. The first request they submitted was clandestine and requested public funds, it was rejected immediately. Avaaz got my attention around the time of the second request and I saw bizarre spectacle.

Please watch the first video.

Corey gives the impression of hollowness, the reminiscence of absolute power. But he's caught in a tide of evolving technology, her twittered "insider" knowledge of the fraudulent signatures while writing an op-ed piece about it, before AAVAZ released any information on the subject. Compared to Ricken and the Ancherman, doesn't Corey remind you of a zombie? Avaaz filed a charge with Canada's national police force, who traced the computer used for fraud to an address in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. The next day Corey resigned.

The second video on the page talks about the caper

Another former media officer of the Prime minister becomes the head of SUN TV as the request is processed. 21 000 letter and 83 000 emails, blocking the special status, were sent to the CRTC. The request was denied, Aavaz sent out a "we won" email and the discussion page was flooded with
congratulatory remarks, elation. It didn't matter how many people signed it, nor if it had any effect on the regulatory decision. What struck each of us as we read that victory was that someone from the web had asked our help to make justice; it was only our name, location and personal thought on the matter that they needed, but it was enough, it worked. We were all p

The successful campaign made news and media sources began to uncover details about the failed TV channel. The business plan relied entirely on the government, which happened to be doing away with that type licenses. Here's more.

This next article clearly show's how the plan was so poorly thought up, without thorough pressure from the Priminister's Office, it would have never come to fruition.

This next article goes into Corey's personal life and beliefs.

He is the end of dominator culture. He was defeated not because of extra effort on Avaaz's part, but by the reaction of those exposed to the issue. It was an example of the collective consciousness rising up and showing herself.

Viva el PERU!!!

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