Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cork, Sunday April 1st.

April 1st 2012, Cork, Ireland.

Doesn’t seem like they celebrate april fool’s day here, everyone was polite and friendly as yesterday. My flight in on friday was smooth, klm, the dutch airline was generous with the liquor and Money Ball was a great flick. All about organizing a baseball team using precise calculations, building a perfect team, rather than buying star players. Seems to have worked.

Friday night, we drank at Bru Bar, the hostel/bar where we’re performing tonight. Slept away most of the day yesterday, went out busking in beautiful cork in the afternoon. There were some wild street performers.

Made enough $ for dinner. Perfect. While jamming in the communal hang out area of the Hostel, became friends with some german, korean and spanish girls. We tried to sings songs we all know. Lalalalal bamba. Then came in Festus. He’s blind and origionally from Nigeria but lives in West Cork Now. We sang some gospel tunes together.

In the evening rocked out to a band called Time Is A Thief, and went for a stroll up the hill to check out the view of the town.

Today, Sunday, Headed out to a Pentecostal Church service that Festus invited me to. It’s largely an outreach program, so there were many former drug addicts there whos lives had been saved by the church. Many scars and tattoos.

This afternoon we went to Blarney Castle, full of old passageways, spookey staircases and escape caves down below. And yes, I kissed the blarney stone.

Here are my three touring compatriots. Morgan, Greg and Nicola.

There was a poison garden there for some reason. This plaque caught my eye.

Tonight, we rock out for the first time in Ireland.

The Farm house tour is coming along splendidly, looks like I’ll be going to Manitoulin Island, yeehaaw. Love yah!

Much more stories and pictures to come.


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